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Poppy shares her easy, fool-proof and actually delicious recipes for the air fryer


TikTok superstar and professional chef Poppy O'Toole shows you how to get the most out of your air fryer. With 100 recipes for cooking the perfect chips, roast chicken, mac and cheese, brownies and more, as well as some surprising air-fryer delights like honey soy salmon and asparagus, Poppy elevates each recipe with hacks, tips and flavour tips so it becomes something actually delicious.


From fried treats to baked goods, and tasty snacks to veggie feasts, you can cook almost anything in the air fryer, so why not try: 


  • The perfect roast potatoes with extra crunch
  • Succulent chicken wings with a choice of addictive sauces
  • buffalo hot sauce, sweet and sticky soy sauce, or lemon and black pepper butter
  • Mouthwatering and healthy miso-glazed cod with added umami
  • Veggie corn ribs - the ultimate TikTok trend
  • Dippy eggs and soldiers for the ultimate breakfast
  • Blondies with fully customisable flavours
  • pecan and pretzel, ginger and dark chocolate, cherries and almonds, or whatever you fancy!
  • Individual sticky toffee puddings for some Sunday-lunch decadence With more of us relying on quick, low-energy cooking than ever before, Poppy Cooks is the only companion you need for mastering your air fryer.

Poppy Cooks: The Actually Delicious Air Fryer Cookbook

  • Poppy O'Toole

    Level up your air frying game with 100 flavour-packed recipes
  • Rights Sold

    English, French
  • Book Details

    ISBN: 9781526664105 Pub date: 31-Aug-23 Format: 246 x 189mm Extent: 224pp
  • About the Author

    Poppy rose to TikTok fame in lockdown 2020 with her highly engaging recipe videos. She quickly became known for her many and varied potato recipes, with her 15-hour potato recipe going viral. Now with more than 4 million followers across platforms and over 400 million views across her channels, she is a highly in-demand food influencer and has cooked alongside a host of names including Sorted Food, Dominique Crenn, Big Zuu, Michelle Roux Jr and Ainsley Harriott. She has been featured across the broadsheet media like The Times (?The poster girl for TikTok cooks?), The Telegraph (?A first class enabler?), Daily Mail, Observer and Guardian (?one of the ascendant stars of TikTok?). She?s appeared on Saturday Kitchen, and in 2023 co-hosted BBC Three?s Young MasterChef. She has year-long partnerships with several global brands including global air fryer supplier, Tefal.

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