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Beatrice Barbary has been raised to believe that while education will set her mind free, ignorance will keep her safe. But when her father, a prominent member of Bernese society, is brutally murdered in their home, she struggles to accept things the way they are.


Giving in to the full weight of her long-encumbered curious mind, Beatrice stumbles chaotically through a dark past and discovers The Order of St. Eve and the violent secrets they have been hiding for twenty years. Will she be able to right the wrongs of her father, or will the Order silence her first?


A retelling of Charles Perrault's gothic fairy-tale Bluebeard set in Bern in the 1600s at the breaking point of the Peasant revolt, Beatrice's story tows the dangerously thin line between retribution and revenge and the choice we must make when confronted by evil.

The House of Barbary

  • By Isabelle Schuler

    A sweeping story of retribution and revenge and one young woman's attempt to unravel the mysteries of her father's past ' and determine her own future

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  • Book Details

    ISBN: 9781526647290

    Pub date: Mar - 2025

    Format: 234 x 153mm

    Extent: 352pp

  • About the Author

    Isabelle Schuler is a Swiss-American actress, writer and former
    bookseller. Her latest self-penned short film, I Am A Unicorn, is currently playing at festivals in the UK, US and Europe. She has a BA in Journalism and her screenplay Queen Hereafter was longlisted by the Thousand Films Screenwriting Competition in 2019. In 2020, Schuler adapted Queen Hereafter into her debut novel, Lady MacBethad.

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